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The Psychology of Overeating with Caitlin Faas

Caitlin Faas, a professor of human development and life coach, joins Nick to discuss the psychology of overeating.

Morita Therapy and The Art of Taking Action with Gregg Krech

Gregg Krech, an expert in a form of Japanese psychology called Morita Therapy, discusses how to think differently about the role of emotions in mental health and the surprising power of taking action to improve things like anxiety, procrastination, and depression.

Thriving After 15 Years of Heroin Addiction with Brian Pennie

Neuroscience researcher and author Brian Pennie reflects on his 15-year addiction to heroin and how he managed to not only survive those harrowing years but to come out of it and build a life he loves.

An Expert Guide to Assertive Communication with Dr. Randy Paterson

Dr. Randy Paterson guides us through the ins and outs of assertive communication, explaining why it's essential for healthy, happy relationships in work, love, and life.

Insomnia Myths & Misconceptions with Dr. Daniel Erichsen

Nick and Daniel trade off describing their favorite myths and misconceptions about insomnia and sleep.

Hypnosis Revealed with Traci Stein

Nick and Traci separate myth from reality on the topic of hypnosis and discuss what clinical hypnosis can actually be useful for.

Rethinking Addiction with Thomas Horvath

Nick and Tom discuss different ways of thinking about addiction and why it matters for tackling one of the world's most important challenges.

What Is Mindfulness, Really? with Daron Larson

Nick and Daron discuss what mindfulness is exactly and how to incorporate more mindfulness into your own life.

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